Welcome to Krakow

A guide to Krakow’s historic Old Town created by the International School of Krakow’s grade 5 students.

Interactive Map

Explore some of Krakow’s most notable landmarks by clicking the icons on the map to learn more!

The city’s monuments represent Polish culture and its vast history.

The buildings of Krakow are rich in history and architecture.

As a predominately Catholic city, Krakow is home to some of Europe’s oldest churches.

Discover More

A place of beauty, history, and architecture, Krakow’s historic Old Town is a popular tourist destination. The monuments, churches, and buildings are rich in culture, tradition, and legends that tell the story of Krakow and it’s people. Discover more about this magnificent medieval city we call home!

Enjoy a self-guided walking tour

Explore the many historic buildings, churches, and monuments along Krakow’s Royal Route and throughout Old Town via a free PDF walking tour and map.

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