St. Florian’s church is located on the Northern side of Krakow’s Old Town and was the first stop on the Royal Route. The church was built to honor S.t Florian, a general in the Roman Army, who found christianity a beautiful religion. The church was originally built in the Romanesque style, but it has changed through the years several times. Today, St. Florian’s church has features of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles, but the facade is very Baroque.

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St. Florian’s church was built between 1185 – 1216.The church was finally completed in 1216. St Florian’s church  was burnt down in 12th, 16th and 17th century from raging fires, during the Swedish siege of Krakow. It is said that St Florian’s relics survived all of the fires that happened during those years. Over many,many decades, St Florian’s Church has changed by architecture and style, since architecture changed for the past decades.


Before Baroque architecture was made, St florian’s church had Romanesque architecture both in the interior and exterior. Certain parts of the church are also Gothic. When Baroque architecture was introduced in Italy in 1600, in was added in St Florian’s church. So today, the facade, as we said earlier, is very Baroque and most of the church is covered with Baroque architecture. The interior has Gothic features and also, Romanesque again. The whole church overall, has been developed for the past years with Italian architecture, since Romanesque was made there.  

St. Florian

St. Florian (Florian Von Lorch) was a general for the fire brigade of the Roman Army. He was from Linz, Austria. He would help the army by preventing fires in Roman territory. Bassickly, the whole army, including St Florian, would go to local people and threaten them to convert from Christianity, otherwise they would kill them. St Florian had to obey the Roman army, otherwise they have their own consequences. Throughout the years, he learned about the religion, Christianity. Soon, he found out that it was a beautiful religion. They Roman army killed him for his love. But one lady who followed christianity learned about St Florian and she found his dead body in the river he was thrown in. Many of his relics were given to priests around Europe, since obeyed Christianity. On one of his relics journey, they oxen got tired and stopped moving. They stopped it the city of Krakow! Since the journey ended here, and  St. Florian’s church was built.

Welcome to St. Florian's Church
The facade of St. Florian's Church
The altar and St. Florian's relics
A cross representing Christianity
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