The House of Jan Długosz was built at the beginning of the 14th century. It was one of the most famous first gothic palaces built in Krakow. The builders of the house didn’t have a name that we know of before Jan Dlugosz lived there. After Jan Długosz lived there to this day, it is known as the House of Jan Długosz.

Jan Długosz

Before we get into the details of the building, we should talk a bit about Jan Długosz himself. Jan Długosz, one of the original owners of the house, was a very well known diplomat, priest, author and historian. Jan Długosz born on December 1, 1415, in Stara Brzeznica and was best known for his “Chronicles of the Famous Kingdom of Poland” and his third person writing style. He attended the University of Krakow and served as a cannon for the city. He died on May 19th, 1480 in Krakow.


In 1450 the house was given to two brothers – the Długoszes. In 1454, the brothers started renovating the house. They added another floor to the House in which others could have stayed in. The house survived during the great fire of Krakow in 1455. The fire destroyed almost all of the buildings of Poselska, Grodzka and Kanonicza Streets. One of the most excellent owners of the house was Maciej Miechowita. He made the house beautiful, where he owned a large library with artistic crafts, coins, scientific and musical instruments, maps and paintings. He also created a sculpting room in which he taught himself and others how to make sculptures. From the first half of the 15th century, it served as a residential house. In 1873, the first floor of the house was rented by Franciszek Wyspiański. He lived there with his family: his wife, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and two children. Franciszek Wyspiański rented the first floor and the brothers lived on the rest of the floor. The family’s stay in this house is remembered till today by a verse from a poem that Stanisław Wyspiański wrote.

This is was the verse from the poem that Stanisław Wyspiański wrote about the house he used to live in.

“At the bottom of Wawel, my father had a studio,

A large room, white and arched,

Living figures of the deceased by a huge crowd,

There, the little boy walked, and what I felt,

It’s later in the shapes of my art I felt.

Feeling then only, not understanding

I covered the outline with molded clay

Growing in front of me into giants

Leaning statues in the lime tree.”


The architecture style of the House of Jan Długosz is Gothic-Renaissance and later some baroque parts were added including on the main portal. The outside of the house of Jan Długosz is gothic apart from the baroque facade added in the 17th century. The inside of the house of Jan Długosz is dark, it has many pictures and portraits. There are also a lot of statues in the house of people, creatures, buildings, angels, and more. The House of Jan Długosz is a building that has been rebuilt many times, with interiors that have been transformed many times. Comparing to the other buildings at Kanonicza, it has partially kept its’ medieval look. Gothic parts were fixed in different places of the house, and on the facade from the side of Kanonicza, two big Gothic windows have been kept and above them is a small window from the 15th century. The building was rebuilt. One floor was added to the house and two-story wings were added, from the south and west, that made an L shaped angle. Now the whole object looked like a horseshoe with a yard in the middle. On the front of the building, there is a buttress near the door.

Legends of The Royal Bath House

Jan had a very large bathhouse where he could enjoy the day in his tub that was also not so small.  The water from the public bath was from the water of an Ore (a metal-bearing mineral or rock). Because it was a royal bath, it did not have to be seen as a big medieval object.

The House of Jan Dulgosz
The facade of the house
The arched entryway to the couryard
The House of Jan Dlugosz entry
The courtyard and well of the house


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