The Krakow dragon statue is one of the most popular statues in Krakow. The is statue located between Wawel Hill and the Wisła river. This Statue represents one of the most famous legends, “The Legend of the Wawel Dragon, or “Legenda o Smoku Wawelskim” in Polish.

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The Legend of the Wawel Dragon

A long time ago, there was one dragon living in the cave under wawel hill. He scared a lot of people and killed people. So many knights tried to kill the Krakow Dragon but before they went close to him, the dragon blew the fire to them. King Krak, wanted to kill the dragon but he was too old. So he told people, “If any person kills the dragon, that person will get to marry my daughter,  and when I die the person who killed the dragon will become a king.”

Many people tried to kill the dragon and marry the princess but before they got close to the dragon he blew fire on them. One day, a shoemaker, named Dratewka (some people say his name was Skuba) asked the king if he could try to kill the dragon. The king said yes, but noted that he had no armor, no horse and no sword. He only had shoemaker’s tools and a plan. The shoemaker bought a dead sheep from the butcher and some sulphur from a miner. Then he cut the sheep open with his sharp shoemaker’s knife and  stuffed the knife with the powdered sulphur and then sewed the sheep with the shoemaker’s thread. He put the sheep right front of the dragon’s cave and he waited.

When the dragon came out, the dragon ate the dead sheep and he felt something is burning in his stomach. So he went to  Vistula River to drink water from there. While he was drinking water, the shoemaker threw the rocks at him. The dragon tried to blew the fire but because of that he drank a lot of water, when he blew the fire, only the steam came out. A little bit later the dragon exploded and died.

The Wawel Dragon Monument

This statue is made out of bronze and sits on a limestone pedestal. It has 2 legs and 7 heads. The Statue is 20ft/6m tall. The Dragon Statue breathes fire fueled with natural gas. The dragon breathes fire every few minutes. This statue was originally supposed to be a part of a fountain in the Wisła river, this idea was after rejected . The Wawel dragon is the statue was designed by Polish sculptor Bronisław Chromy. It was built in 1969 and was put in place in 1972.

The Krakow Dragon Breathing Fire
The Krakow Dragon Statue
Side view of the Krakow Dragon Statue
The 7 Heads of the Krakow Dragon Statue
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